Uchral Ganbaatar Uchral holds a bachelor degree in journalism and communications at National University of Mongolia. She has been working for START since 2017 as a community manager at Workcentral Mongolia coworking space and since 2018, she’s been working at MSpace Innovation Hub as a general manager. Uchral’s also been serving as a lead at Google Business Group Ulaanbaatar since 2018 as co-organising events, trainings and workshops on G-suite, Google Engage and other products supported and produced by Google. Previously she’s advised the UN Mongolia office on its youth targeted programs and projects. Uchral’s interested in social entrepreneurship and she aims to promote the society through social entrepreneurship using innovation. Outside of her work, she loves to write blogs and meeting new people.

Phone: (+976) 80800212

Email: Uchral.ganbaatar@gmail.com